I just want the Death Spells album.


death spells is really important to me like james and frank weren’t trying to make an album or a band they were just two friends who were staying up nights just to make noise together, like if i remember correctly they didn’t like the music their neighbors played so they were just trying to drown it out, and their music and lyrics are so angry and afraid and unapologetic they just felt shit and went for it

and then like they wanted to share their music with people so they put out fucking one song and a handful of one-minute demos and then threw their equipment and some merch in a minivan and hopped on a tour with some friends and you know what they fucking kicked ass, those sets with msi were a fucking incredible multi-sensory experience and it was beautiful and they always provoked a reaction, some people loved them and some people hated them but everyone had a fucking strong opinion and it was just incredible

this band has one full song out and less than a dozen shows under their belt but they are amazing and so important and i love them so fucking much


random pre-american-idiot green day


Frank’s tattoos though [x] 


Frank’s tattoos though [x] 


gerard: hey we have this band called my che-


When your songs know what u do in the dark:image

When u know where the party went:image

When you’re a remix and you’re raised like a phoenix:image

When u say my name and i’m held against u:image

When u don’t panic:image

when ur ready for another bad poem:image